Listen to Professor Darren Kelly’s interview with Dr Moira Gunn for her TechNation Radio Podcast

Melbourne, Australia: Certa Therapeutics’ founder and CEO, Professor Darren Kelly, had the privilege of speaking with Dr Moira Gunn on an episode of her TechNation Radio podcast.

Professor Kelly spoke about his multi-decade scientific research, which has led to the development of a treatment for Scleroderma, the life-threatening autoimmune condition characterised by inflammation and fibrosis of the skin and other organs. 

He discusses Certa’s positive results from the recent Phase 2 clinical trial on its novel therapy – FT011. Data from the trial demonstrates clinically meaningful improvements for more than 60 per cent of patients with Scleroderma after 12 weeks of treatment and showed it to be safe and well tolerated in this patient population. 

Listen to his interview below to learn more about these ground-breaking results.